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Welcome to CHT Secrets where OT's and OTA's connect to improve skills, build confidence, and grow a community of liked minded professionals with an interest in upper extremity management and even prepare for the CHT board certification. 

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It can be a lonely world when you are first getting started in your OT/OTA career.  And lets face can be lonely even if you have been working for a while.  Everyone is so busy seeing patients and with their lives that it is getting harder and hard to connect with those that have your SAME career interest.  This is your opportunity to join us and grow together!


Interships and school is NOT enough.  And some times, CEU classes come and go and then everything crammed in our brains in that short weekend which gets forgotten as we get busier with patients.  Work together HERE to develop your skills, practice, and get answers to the questions that you have. 


It's hard to have the confidence all the time to work in an area where you KNOW you would use some help and mentorship.  Sign up with CHT Secrets to keep up with our latest developments to help you develop all the skills you need to have that confience with ease to get that great position that you have your eye one.  And just to be able to communicate to other health care professions on your patients behalf.

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